College of the Material Arcane

The College of the Material Arcane, or Gameia College for short, is located in the city-state of Gameia in Kainia. It is one of the three major arcane academies west of the Rachis Mountains. It has a larger acceptance rate than many other schools, but still boasts some of the best arcane talent due to their use of recruitment scouts.

They study magic and teach magic more academically than the other two schools. While the Northmar School of Magic in Fyr focuses on training war-wizards and war-focused magical applications and Zandil Academy in The Elven Empire takes a more artistic approach, Gameia College takes a balanced approach. Many professors seek knowledge for knowledge’s sake, while others take more practical approaches. There is no doubt that attending the college will give you a first rate education.


There are a couple ways to get into the College of the Material Arcane. First, you need to be able to cast arcane spells. This school is not for beginners, nor is it for experienced practitioners. All applicants must have a basic understanding of the arcane arts. Most students apply after completing a basic apprenticeship, graduation at a smaller arcane school, or, for the ambitious self-taught, after completing a practical exam showing your skills.

The school also scouts for arcane talent, and in rare cases they seek out gifted magic users they believe have potential.


The school is a five-year program, that combines magical theory with practical applications across all fields of arcane study. They have specialized courses for innate casters and learned casters. (spontaneous versus prepared). Many students do not complete all five years, and depending on how many years you complete you’ll get varying degrees. Very few actually attend all five years of the college, but this is perfectly fine. Many go on to do honest and decent work with a two year, or even a one-year degree.

Those who do end up graduating can continue their education for an additional three years. These post-graduates work closely with professors, and don’t actually attend classes per say.


The college gets students primarily from Kainia and her neighbors, but gets occasional recruits from other parts of the world. It accepts roughly two-hundred students a year, however each year the class size gets smaller and smaller, which makes the actual student body rest somewhere around four-hundred students.

Class Coteries

Students are placed in Coteries upon admission to the college. These groups are comprised of same-class students, and their composition is decided by the professors of the college. They typically have 4-5 members. They exist as a sort of extra-curricular group designed to give students a more practical training. The groups will be assigned unique tasks throughout the year, that they are expected to accomplish alongside their studies. These tasks can be dangerous, and student disappearances on these missions is not unheard of.

College of the Material Arcane

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