Kainia is a nation comprised of many different city-states. They are loosely allied for mutual benefit, and share similar values. It is landlocked, surrounded by nations to the north, south and west, with the Rachis Mountains to the east. Kainia is a land of many peoples and cultures, and is considered open and welcoming to others, though that depends on which city-state you go to. It is also home to The College of the Material Arcane


Kainia is a republic, with representatives from each city state comprising the ruling body. In times of war, one of the senators will take on a stronger leadership position.


Kainia is comprised primarily of humans, but many other races make up the populace. This varies from city to city, but some of the other more prominent races include: Fetchlings, Ifrits, Oreads, Sylphs, and Undines.

Notable Cities

  • Gameia – City of magic, home of the arcane college
  • Polemos – City of steel, home of warriors
  • Chrimata – City of coin, home of merchants
The Cities of the Four Ladies
  • Edafos – City of earth, home of the Oread
  • Fotia – City of fire, home of the Ifrit
  • Nero – City of water, home of the Undine
  • Ouranos – City of air, home of the Sylph


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