The Matar Theocracy is a land south of Kainia and to the west of the Rachis Mountains. The northern parts are comprised of arid plains, and the south stops short of an expansive jungle. The nation is defined by its fervent people, and advanced technology. The latter becoming popular upon the acquisition of Vurmak, the gnomish city in their southern reaches.


Matar is governed by their High Priest. He acts as both a spiritual and political guide for the nation. In reality the government and the church are one in the same.


Matar is comprised of many humans and gnomes. Their relationship to other races isn’t outright hostile, but anyone of another race usually finds themselves second class citizens. This is especially true if your race has an aptitude for arcane magic.


Matar originally worshiped one entity called The One. An all-powerful being opposed by Arcos, a being of temptation and evil. They believe that Arcos created arcane magic to tempt mortals to ruin, and as such it is strictly outlawed. This slightly changed during The First Reforms.

The first reforms marked the acquisition of the gnomish state of Vurmak to The Matar Theocracy. They reformed their worship of The One to include a gnomish deity. They are seen as two aspects of the same being, the gnomish aspect being The One’s analytical and inventive side, and the human aspect being The One’s heart. Each people were born of this aspect and exemplify it.

The old religion of the gnomes is outlawed. The new religion’s spread into gnomish culture is what facilitated Matar’s acquisition originally.


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